Vietnamese food comes with a lot of surprises. From the choice of protein to noodles to herbs, you have the liberty of choosing your combination for that one bowl of taste and flavor. Vietnamese food Victoria is a perfect lunch or dinner for those who are looking for low-fat and healthy options. Food from this tiny South-East Asian country is known for its richness in flavors and nutrients. Herbs are an integral component of Vietnamese food in Victoria and this is what makes it heavenly.

Have a look at Vietnamese food options which you can explore when in Victoria:

Pho: Without any second thoughts, order Pho and you will enjoy it to the bits. Called, the national staple, Pho is a bowl of beef stock with flat rice noodles, protein and condiments according to your taste. Spices and herbs in Pho lend it the uniqueness it beholds and every sip of this soup will give you a soul-enriching dining experience.

Banh cuon: Rolls of finely chopped pork, wood ear mushrooms and seasonings wrapped in fermented rice batter and served with fish sauce make banh cuon a dish which is not just appealing to the eyes but is a match made in heaven for the palate.

Che: Are you ready to taste both sweet and savory flavors in one dish? If yes, then nothing can beat the taste of Che which is often called sweet dessert soup. Kidney beans, coconut cream, grass jelly, tapioca fruit with a scoop of crushed ice make Che delightful and colorful.

Mi vit tiem: How about trying roasted duck with noodles? Another excellent dish of Vietnamese cuisine, this bowl is also packed with flavors and spices to give the diner an experience worth cherishing.

Goi cuon: If you are looking for something close to spring rolls, then this delicacy ticks the checkboxes. Filling of crispy salad, pork and prawns served with peanut sauce make these rolls a must-try Vietnamese food in Victoria.

Banh mi: Are you looking for something other than a bowl of broth and noodles? If so, then these baguettes will surprise you. Nothing short of taste and flavors, Banh mi is something you will see easily on the streets of Vietnam. Fresh vegetables, protein and moreish sweet sauce in the baguettes make it yet another healthy option from this cuisine.

Cha ca: For all the seafood lovers out there, Cha Ca is waiting for you! Rice noodles and scattered peanuts in white fish which is sautéed in spring onions and butter is nothing short of a perfect combination of taste and flavor.

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