Want to have Pho, but don't want to get ready and go out? Don't worry because Pho delivery in Victoria is now easy and ensures that the food reaches at your doorstep within the designated time. From appetizers to the main course, you can order your favorite Pho online and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

Why is Pho much sought after?

The iconic Vietnamese soup bowl is a tradition and is close to the hearts of the people of Vietnam. It is more than just a meal and this clearly shows that Pho and Vietnam are inseparable. And the reason Pho is in demand is that, it is a culinary delight because the Vietnamese soup is both refreshing and comforting. With protein, noodles, beef stock and herbs in one bowl, Pho is a dish which is relished by people across genres.

There are different kinds of Phos which you can get delivered to your home:

Beef Pho: This is the traditional Pho which has been in existence since the word Pho came into being. The clear beef broth has slivers of beef, flat rice noodles and toppings in it. The herbs in beef pho are usually star anise and cloves and these give it the much desired taste and peculiarity.

Pho Nam: While beef pho is light and clear, pho nam is on the darker side and has a mix of sweet and savory flavors. Sliced onions, garlic, shallots and lot many herbs go into the making of Pho Nam along with the protein and noodles.

Chicken Pho: If you don't like beef, then chicken pho is something which will suit your taste. The broth in this dish is made of chicken which is cooked with spices for that overwhelming aroma. Flat rice noodles and other condiments remain the same in Pho Ga or chicken pho as it is called.

Seafood Pho: How about shrimps and prawns in the Pho you love so dearly? Well, seafood pho has squids, shrimps and prawns in the broth which take this dish to another level. Though it is a smart twist to the original Pho, but it is worth trying because the flavors of the broth gel flawlessly with the seafood and make this bowl worth appreciating.

Vegetarian Pho: Now why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? Vegetarian pho is for all the veggie lovers out there who want to have a vegetarian version of Pho. Made of vegetable broth with tofu, mushrooms and vegetables with noodles, this bowl is rich in aroma, flavors and taste.

You have the choice of choosing your favorite bowl from the menu at Pho Halong Vietnamese Kitchen and Little Thai Palace and you can get it delivered to your office or home.

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